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ACMAs and Matthew McConaughey

Did you get a chance to see Matthew McConaughey’s

presentation for entertainer of the year at the ACMAs?
He opened with a very funny story about how he and
his brother picked up some girls by saying
they had an exclusive contract to make George Strait’s new line of boots-and those ostrich feather boots were in their car-and he thanked George Strait for a great evening and George was sitting in the audience(see the clip:
The winner-Carrie Underwood-asked if she could see those boots
-very funny-.
Telling a story as well as Matthew McConaughey did, is
very very difficult. Most of us would love to have that skill-
and the good news is that we can!
Become an actor like Matthew McConaughey. Next time you have to present or give a speech or tell a story write out a script and then memorize the script and then act the script.

You must also practice your story or speech over and over again
until it looks natural-do you think Matthew McConaughey
told that story off the cuff-not a chance-he practiced
and practiced so he looked natural doing it in front of
millions of viewers-You do the same and I guarentee that
you will look smooth- maybe not as smooth as McConaughey-
but really, who can be that smooth??

Find your passion, Commit to your path, enjoy the journey!

Dr. Gregg

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