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Michael Jackson-the creative genius

Yesterday, we witness the passing of a creative genius-Michael Jackson.  He was not just innovative in his song, but also in his dance. His moon walk and amazing moves at the Grammys is legendary, as well as his videos such as Thriller and Beat it. But we also noticed that Michael Jackson was one strange dude. He wore some unique outfits, like his  Seargent Pepper  uniform, his gloves, or his masks to cover his face. We also noticed how his face changed over the years due to continual plastic surgery. Michael was one strange dude, but at the same time, that is what fueled his creative genius.

We know in psychological research and creative studies, that people who have divergent thinking and perhaps have shades of mental illness (Michael seemed to be suffering from something, but no one knows for sure what his disorder was) can also be incredibly creative. As the prototypical example, Vincent Van Gogh was institutionalized and even cut off his ear.

We need to embrace this uniqueness in others, for that is what breeds change in our culture! Michael Jackson was definitely one of a kind and I for one will miss all of his creativeness as well as his eccentricities!

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