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Tiger Woods is suffering from the Trying too hard syndrome.

Tiger Woods is suffering from the “Trying too hard” syndrome.

Will he continue to try too hard this week at the final major of the year, the PGA Championship?

We all know what his main objective is–To surpass Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors. Tiger needs 5 more majors to accomplish this amazing feat. But Tiger has not won a major in more than a year. Interestingly, this year, he has won a PGA tour event before each of the majors; however, Tiger has fired blanks so far. It is likely that Tiger is “trying too hard”. In my book, Full Throttle (Wiley, 2009), trying too hard is destructive to our performance. In a study with Olympic Runners, coaches in the first race asked their athletes to give 100 percent. In the second race, the coaches asked their runners to turn it down a notch to 90 percent-To their amazement, the second race times were faster than the first.

To perform at his best this week, Tiger should ”Try Easy”–We must not force our performance but just let it happen. If Tiger throttles back just a bit, he will leap off his plateau and Jack’s record will be in major jeopardy!

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