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A-Rod Turns Pressure Into Pleasure

New Yorker that I am, I was rooting for my hometeam last night as they trounced the Angels 10-1 in their bid to win the American League Pennant.  But I’m not posting today to gloat but to talk about a specific moment during the game.   It was the top of the fifth inning and Alex Rodriguez was at bat and the announcer on Fox was saying one shouldn’t put too much stock in body language but how could you miss how confident and relaxed Alex Rodriguez is?  And just at the moment A-Rod effortlessly hit a two-run homer over the left field fence.

It was Gregg’s mantra “Turn Pressure Into Pleasure” come to life.

There’s no place Alex Rodriguez would rather be during this post-season than on the field and it shows.  He’s batting .400 and having a blast.

I’m not a sports super fan (despite living in a house of super fans) but you couldn’t walk down the street in New York the past few years without hearing about Alex Rodriguez’ stratospheric salary, the big spending, Madonna, his divorce, the steroids scandal and when was he ever going to earn his paycheck.

Something happened.  I say Kate Hudson.  My husband says he’s been humbled.  It’s obviously a combination of many things that has transformed his life and performance on the baseball field from pain and pressure and tabloids to  finding the joy again in that thing he’s always loved.

So in game 5 when the Yankees win the pennant be sure to pay attention to the physical manifestation of turning pressure in to pleasure in the  relaxed and confident body stance of Alex Rodriguez.

Go Yanquis!

–Barbara Barna Abel

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