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More Thoughts on Susan Boyle

I too have been fascinated by the Susan Boyle phenomenon.  Blown away by her voice and charmed by her unlikely backstory.  But while we’ve all be projecting a variety of our issues on to her — to tweeze or not to tweeze, let’s hear it for the fumpy girls! — very little has been said about what gave her the courage and motivation to go for it at the ripe old age of 47.

In fact, I think it’s one of the aspects of her story that many of us gravitate to without realizing it.  At an age when many of us have given up on our dreams, Susan is living hers for the first time.

Many people take issue with her new look, feeling it takes away from her “authenticity” (whatever!), but I say good for you, Susan! and wonder if a makeover was part of the glamour fantasy of musical fame and fortune that nourished her for years.   And to paraphrase Oprah, who doesn’t want to live their best life?

So what got her up on that stage in Edinburgh?  From what I understand, Susan had vocal training when she was younger and won some regional singing competitions before putting duty before her dreams and caring for her parents.   So she knew she could sing and wasn’t delusional like so many of the people we see in the early rounds of American Idol.

Did she feel it was now or never to try?

Did she  overcome any fears by reminding herself I can sing my heart out — what do I have to lose?

That’s what inspires me.  She realized she had nothing to lose and everything to gain by pursuing her dream.

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