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Tennessee Titans Comback is a great sales training model

As I write this blog, the Titans are going to play the Chargers and their hopes for the playoffs are still alive-amazingly, given their 0-6 start.

But it all turned around when their coach, Jeff Fisher told his team, the Tennesse Titans, the principle of rethrottling. Jeff  told them how McNair rethrottled to keep his passion alive.  After a dismal practice following their terrible lost to the Patriots, 59-0, it looked like the Titans lost their their nerve and confidence. But Fisher had one more motivational tactic up his sleeve.

Fisher ended practice early to enter into the auditorium where they looked up to find an image of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair on the screen, his arms raised in triumph after a dramatic touchdown pass. McNair was smiling; everyone in the room was a bit choked up. McNair had been murdered that summer by his girlfriend. Then Fisher recounted a story in which McNair wanted to quit  after a disappointing defeat at Buffalo. He left that game suffering from a severely bruised sternum. As McNair was heading up the tunnel, he heard the fans roar at the announcement that his backup, Neil O’Donnell, had entered the game, and he was devastated.

Fisher talked McNair into taking some time off away from football. He went to see his former chaplain in Houston. He came back with a renewed attitude and took the Titans to a 13-3 record.

This strategy is a great one for sales personnel or any one in business who is just getting a bad attitude. Sometimes it is good to rethrottle, take some time off and reflect. Jeff Fisher knew that all Steve needed was a rethrottle period so that he could go Full Throttle again on the gridiron.

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