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Abraham Lincoln and mental toughness and leadership

Martin Luther King Jr spoke his famous “dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  The most appropriate place because Abraham Lincoln was the president who feed the slaves.

But Lincoln did much more than that. Abraham Lincoln, as it states in his memorial, is the one who saved the union. As he once stated ” a house divided cannot stand”.

Lincoln faced immense pressure during the Civil War and he had to make one key decision after another, letting go one General after another. He could not afford to make a mistake. We might say Lincoln was not only one of our greatest leaders, but also one of the most mentally tough. His was battered in the press when he let go his generals and then appointed Grant as the commander of Union Armies, but Lincoln would not be fazed-he was mentally tough.

How many great leaders in today’s era could make such critical and effective decisions under such intense pressure-it is hard to know, but luckily, we had one of the most mentally tough leaders when the United States needed it the most.

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