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Happy Valentine's Day: Love the won you are with-Why the mispelling?

Stephen Stills, the famous musician, once wrote “If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you are with”. That is wonderful advice in love, life, and business.

In my book, Full Throttle: 122 strategies to supercharge your energy, I write you first want to be with the one you love. Work at a job you love and have great passion for-then you will love the won you are with (you won the game). I tell my students at Austin Peay State University, their goal at college is to find a job you will love. That should be everyone’s goal. If  this is not the case for you, then quit your job and find a job you will love-many people have done that and are happier for it.

Okay, that is very simplistic, you may have a mortgage and other obligations that do not allow that option. In that case, as I wrote in Full Throttle, then love the one you are with. Find out what you love about your job and focus on those positive aspects. Stop focusing on the negative part of your job.

Make everyday Valentine’s day at your job by taking Stephen Sills words of wisdom to heart, in love, life and business

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