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Super Bowl XLIV-momentum was the key

Super Bowl XLIV was a spectacular game!.  Both teams looked relatively equal, and so it was rather even most of the game. What differentiated the game was the great play calling by the Saints coach-and the key was the “onside” kick at the start of the second half.

While that was risky and, and now considered brilliant, what it really did was shift the entire momentum to the Saints side-and the Colts were playing catch up. We are not just talking about the score, but also the Colts were playing catch up in their psychological momentum.

The Saints had all the Mo-as we say in sport psych- and it was game over. Psychological momentum is very powerful.

This is a great lesson in business. When we have the psychological momentum-have a few lucky breaks and things go as planned-we need to capitalize on those moments. Really drive hard on those days or weeks and take advantage of your MO-because as we all know-we can lose the MO very easily-

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Dr. Gregg

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