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Article in Psychology Today

My book, Full Throttle, is featured in Psychology Today in August in the article “I coulda been a contender” In the article, I describe how to set up goals effectively by setting up strategies and then evaluating your strategies. If you are not reaching your goals, it may be that your strategies are not effective. To reach our goals we need to constantly reassess.

I hope you enjoy the article-Dr. Gregg

Dr.Gregg Steinberg is a sport psychologist to many professional athletes, motivational speaker, business keynote speaker and leadership trainer and sales trainer. To see more about mental toughness strategies and going Full throttle in your sales, business and life, go to and see his new book, Full Throttle on To see more about his coaching go to and to see his products go to

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Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a performance psychology expert, best selling author, and inspirational keynote speaker on the various topics relating to individual and team performance. Google+ Profile Get in touch with Dr. Gregg

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