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Use your strengths for greater energy and happiness at work

It was more than fitting that Nashville resident David Meador was presented with the Ben Hogan Award at the Masters golf tournament this year. This prestigious honor is presented to someone who is active in golf despite a physical handicap or serious illness.

David Meador was just 18 when he lost his sight in a car accident. But that did not stop David from living a full life, as he went on to earn a master’s degree, as well as develop a successful insurance practice. Along the way, he won two national blind golf championships.

David Meador has always focused on his strengths, rather than dwell on his weaknesses. As my friend, I have become aware of many of his key strengths, such as his charismatic personality, empathetic manner and wonderful communication style. Today, he has harnessed those signature strengths into a professional speaking business.

Many business experts purport the importance of using your strengths at work. Marcus Buckingham has popularized this notion in many of his best-selling business books such as “First Break all the Rules.” Buckingham states that fixing your weakness will drain your energies. Don’t worry about your weaknesses unless they have become a disadvantage. Instead, you will be much more productive when engaged in your strengths at work.

Psychologists have touted this same principle about our health and happiness. Martin Seligman, renowned positive psychologist and former American Psychological Association president, has discovered that individuals who use their signature strengths during their day will be much happier than those individuals who do not.

This principle also will help you attract more clients. When you are in your “strength zone,” you will be giving off great confidence, great joy and great energy. When this happens, people will gravitate toward you and want to be around you, which will increase the possibility of landing them as a client.

To become more successful and happier at work, you must use your strengths effectively. Here are a couple of suggestions to accomplish this process:

First, make a list of your five signature strengths. Are you creative? Are you very disciplined and organized? Can you motivate anyone? Are you a great writer?

Next, ask yourself if you are using your strengths enough at work. If you are not using at least one of your strengths every day, then develop a strength plan. Ask yourself questions such as: In what areas of work might I use my strengths more often? What projects should I take on to use more of my strengths? How can I incorporate my strengths into my current projects?

If your business demands that you acquire new clients, then how can you use a unique strength to accomplish this? Are you a great chef? Perhaps you should start a free cooking class, and from this class, you will cook up some new clients.

The philosopher Voltaire likened our life to a game of cards. Each player must accept the cards dealt to them. But once those cards are in hand, you alone decide how to play them to win the game. Play your hand wisely to a healthier and wealthier life.

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