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Be a Self-Leader to Your Success

With all the incessant fighting on Capital Hill leading to the government shutdown, we are all asking, “Where have all the great leaders gone?”

It seems like our leaders have failed us in so many ways, mainly by their selfishness in focusing on their interests instead of the people’s needs.

Fortunately, we have a great local leader in our backyard: Tim Hall, president of Austin Peay State University. Because of his stewardship, APSU was voted as one of the best universities to work for in the United States for the past two years.

President Hall has a positive and affirming attitude that has had a trickle-down effect on the faculty and staff, producing a wonderful synergy that now permeates the schoolgrounds. As a faculty member for the past 15 years, I can say, without a doubt, he is the best president we have had in my tenure.

While APSU has greatly benefited from Hall’s presence on campus, anyone could gain from his leadership style and philosophies. His principles of leadership can help you to become a better self-leader. A self-leader follows a positive, affirming lead in life.

Regardless of whether you are a businessexecutive, student or musician, you must take the lead in your success. Here are a few of Tim Hall’s key leadership principles that can help create a transformation in your life:

1. Great leaders have great emotional intelligence, or EQ. When you interact with President Hall, he always leaves you feeling good about yourself. Furthermore, he gives off great energy — he’s always smiling and in a good mood.

A self-leader gives off positive energy and, in return, gets it back in his or her life.

2. Great leaders have solid values. Being unethical will catch up to you. As Hall told me, “It is hard to hide being unethical. Your actions will find you out.”

A self-leader talks the talk and walks the walk. This builds a bridge of trust with others.

3. Great leaders believe in the potential of others. When you have high expectations of others, your interactions are more favorable. The feedback is more positive. As a result, people begin to have higher expectations in what they can do, which leads to greater performance. This is the definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy. From day one, Tim Hall believed that APSU had amazing potential. A self-leader believes in his or her own amazing potential.


This is originally posted in the Tennessean in my business column: The Head Coach.

Gregg Steinberg is a professor of human performance at Austin Peay State University. The author of the Washington Post best-selling book, “Full Throttle,” he coaches business executives as well as speaks to businesses about mental and emotional toughness. Email or

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