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Awaken the Force Within

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, is astronomical in terms of its praise and financial success. The Star Wars saga appeals to us in so many ways. Some enjoy the sci-fi aspect and imagine how our lives will be in the future. Others enjoy the cutting-edge special effects. From the start of this series, Star Wars (and Lucas Films) showed us what special effects should be like on the big screen. Others enjoy the message that good will always triumph over bad.

I was always drawn to the “FORCE”. Being a huge fan, it always had a mystical quality for me. But what is the force? How can I find this force? Can we use it in our lives? Can I help people capture this force? Is this force real?

For the last 30 years, I have worked with some of the greatest athletes and top business executives in the world to help them to capture the force. I have discovered that the force is real. It was not something made up by Yoda or Darth Vader or George Lucas.

It is simple: ATTITUDE. Your attitude is the force, and this force will cause you to find astronomical success in business and in your life. Here are a few suggestions to find the force within:

1) Your attitude is the force over outcome. Successful people do not allow their attitude to be influenced by results. They stay focus and positive, regardless of outcome. Unsuccessful people do the opposite and allow bad outcomes (such as a failure or adversity) to impact their attitude in a negative way.
2) Your attitude is the force of attraction. When you have a bitter disposition, people will respond negatively to you and avoid you. If you have a cheerful disposition, people will gravitate to you and want to be around you. The power of your attraction is your attitude.
3) Your attitude is the force over calmness. Unhappy and unsuccessful people believe the universe is against them so they are filled with anxiety and frustration. Successful people believe the universe (and everything in it) is here to help you. They know that the future will eventually work in their favor so they have a sense of calmness about them.
Your attitude is a choice. It is that simple. You always have that power, so you always have the power to awaken your inner-force.

Bio: Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a professor of human performance at APSU. He is the author of the Washington Post bestselling business book, “Full Throttle.” Steinberg speaks about emotional toughness to Fortune 500 companies. Visit and see his TED talk about super-resilience at

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