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Be a Self-Leader to Your Success

With all the incessant fighting on Capital Hill leading to the government shutdown, we are all asking, “Where have all the great leaders gone?” It seems like our leaders have failed us in so many ways, mainly by their selfishness in focusing on their interests instead of the people’s needs. Fortunately, we have a great […]

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Wondering what makes a champion?

Wondering what makes a champion? Arnold Palmer was the king of golf in the 60′s. He knew what it took to be great both off and on the course. He really cared about people, and enjoyed their company. Here is a clip from Talk of Tour on XM/Sirius. I contribute each week to this show […]

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Are you a risk taker like Johnny Depp?

As a corporate keynote speaker, I talk a lot about motivation and how to find it. Here is an article I wrote in the Tennessean Business section that I hope you like: I bet you have an opinion about Johnny Depp. Perhaps, you believe he is a great character actor. You may think he has […]

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Do you have concentration difficulties? Does your mind wander?

Do you have difficulties staying focused on your task? Then join the crowd. As a motivational and corporate inspirational speaker, being able to focus better is always one of the main concerns of the audience members. Well-spoken and thoughtful Harris English (2013 FedEx St. Jude Classic Champion) may have a solution for you.  Harris stated […]

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Make Every Client Your Favorite for Greater Motivation

As a motivational and inspirational corporate keynote speaker, I always get the question at conferences about how to stay inspired in difficult times. Here is a great lesson from an all-time great golfer: The greens at the Quail Hollow Club for the 2013 Wells Fargo PGA Tour event in May were horrendous. The weather this […]

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Concentration Problems? Please read this post! It will help you to focus better

Phil Jackson is known as the Zen coach of basketball. He drew from Native American religions and Buddhism to help the Chicago Bulls to six world championships and the LA Lakers to 5 titles. In his book, Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior, Phil Jackson stated that one of his secrets to success […]

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Do you have difficulty focusing during key meetings? Read this post

Many people have difficulty focusing and concentrating during important meetings. Read this post and you will overcome that problem. This article is not only informative but inspirational to your life. Enjoy. Phil Jackson is known as the Zen coach of basketball. He drew from Native American religions and Buddhism to help the Chicago Bulls to […]

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Do you have a difficult time maintaining your confidence, as a leader or sales trainer?

As a motivational leadership speaker, everyone wants to know how to instill confidence in others as well as yourself. Here is an article I wrote for about the great one and how he instills his confidence day in and day out: You would think a superstar like Tiger Woods does not need to work […]

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Go Full Throttle Without Burning OUT

Do you need go full throttle in your life but feel burnt? Do you need greater motivation everyday? Check out this inspirational article on motivation: Daniel Day Lewis made history by being the first male actor to win 3 academy awards in the Best Actor category. He won for Lincoln (2013), There Will Be blood […]

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Develop the Inner Fire Like a Tiger (Woods)

As an inspirational and motivational business speaker, I am hired to give inspirational keynote speeches to boost the inner fire. Here is a great story to help build your inner fire: (This was posted originally on One of the hardest mental skills to possess is to stay motivated to practice and compete, day in and […]

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