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Inspirational Speaker-The Michelangelo Effect: How Adversity sculpts you into your masterpiece

michelangelo_david_headMichelangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”.

Life wounds and hardships are the chisels that unleash your true masterpiece. Adversity sculpts you into a masterpiece. Adversity makes you transcend and become a better person. This is the Michelangelo effect.

Based on research with individuals who have transcended from a difficult situation, this keynote will discuss the 5 key stages of transcendence from adversity.


Inspirational Speaker – Live and Work in your Sweet Spot

Inspirational SpeakerDr. Gregg Steinberg has discovered that the most successful people rise to the top of their profession by falling back into great habits.  When we get stressed out, we go to our habits.  The secret is to make your habits the right ones.  In this talk, Dr. Gregg shows your audience how to unlock the secret to success using this process.  This is one of Dr. Gregg’s™ most inspirational presentations.

Motivational Speaker – Go “Full Throttle” Without Burning Out

Full Throttle BookFrom his years of experience in the personal development field, Dr. Gregg has developed an energy management system comprised of 5 key emotional strengths. When you learn to master these strengths, you will thrive on the inside, regardless of what is happening on the outside. Filled with incredible stories, real realistic examples, topical insights and a lot of laughter, this is one of Dr. Gregg’s™ most motivational presentations.

Leadership Speaker – Supercharge your Employees

Do some of your employees lack the necessary drive to excel? Have some of your staff lost their passion for their job? Has the workplace attitude soured in the past months? To help your company stay ahead of the game, you need to supercharge the energy of your employees. Inspiring others, however, is extremely difficult. Dr. Gregg has found a solution to the energy problem at work.

The Secret of the Greatest Teams

The strategies of the world’s greatest sport teams and their team building secrets are revealed.
All great teams have one goal in mind: to be the best. Some teams do that better than others. Dr. Gregg claims we’ve complicated our pursuit of what it really takes to become a great team.

Stress for Sales Success

Stress can make us jump higher, see clearly and even think better, if we harness it’s power – this is a rarely understood principle. In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Gregg proves how our businesses, our relationships, and our health can prosper when we use the power of stress as a positive. He showcases this principle so that you can turn stress into your advantage.

Be Money on the Greens

Are you looking for a unique client event? Everyone knows that golf is 90% mental. The problem is that most golfers do not know what or how to practice so they can tap into their mental game. Dr. Gregg will show you the ATM system for being money on the greens. Dr. Gregg has conducted this client event for Fortune 500 companies with raving success.

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