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The Force is your attitude

The new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, is astronomical in terms of its praise and financial success. The Star Wars saga appeals to us in so many ways. Some enjoy the sci-fi aspect and imagine how our lives will be in the future. Others enjoy the cutting-edge special effects. From the start of this series, […]

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Goal setting for the upcoming year

The New Year is approaching, and if you are like me, you are a goal setter.   Goals are essential to our success. Psychologists have studied goal-setting for many years and tout their importance to performance. Specifically, goals get you focused on your task, keep you inspired under difficult times, and foster strategies to attain […]

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Ryder Cup Mental Game of Phil Michelson

I hope you got the pleasure to see the Ryder Cup this past week. Amazing play by the Americans and congrats!!! The person who stuck out most to me during these matches is Phil Michelson. Why?  Because he seems to be able to raise his game in big matches and in big tournaments. He harnesses […]

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Slumpbust like a champion!

Not long ago, Rory Mcilroy was the number one player in the world. With four majors, amazing power and youth on his side, it seemed like Rory would dominate golf for years to come. Then he fell into an amazing putting slump. Rory recently mentioned that he lost his confident so bad that he only […]

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Jimmy Walker Breathes to his first major-2016 PGA championship

Congrats to Jimmy Walker on winning your first major! JW won the 2016 PGA championships and he deserved it with his amazing ball striking and putting. You can imagine how nervous he may have felt coming down the stretch. JW did not admit it as he looked cool as a cucumber but he was nervous […]

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Vacations are needed to revitalize yourself

We are in the midst of summer. During these months, many people head to the beach and visit great resort areas such as Hilton Head or Panama City. Many others will cool off with a mountain breeze in the Smokies or on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Now is the time for rest, relaxation, and recovery. […]

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Let “Hamilton” teach you how to Fail Forward.

Last Week, Leslie Odom Jr. won the 2016 Tony Award for best actor in a musical. His portrayal of Aaron Burr in the Smash hit, Hamilton, has won him immense acclaim for his performance. Not only is Leslie an amazing actor, but his singing and dancing is phenomenal. But Leslie was not always as successful […]

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How Muhammad Ali taught us emotional toughness

A true legend and icon of sport passed this week. Muhammad Ali was not only champion of the boxing world, but also he was a world champion activist. He stood up for his beliefs with action. Ali also loved to recite poetry and was beloved for his wit. He was an inspiration to millions when […]

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The Secret to Influence-ALPS

Communication is the soul of selling. Great communicators have the power of influence with their message. The good news is that science has discovered key tools of influence so that you could possess this power with the right words at the right time. Robert Cialdini is one of the foremost experts in the science of […]

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Find Serenity like Rob Lowe

Most books come with the slight hope that a few parts will be worthy of your time. Rob Lowes’ “The stories I only tell my friends: An autobiography” makes your time pass so quickly because it is both an entertaining and informative gem. Rob Lowe starts the book with a story of John F. Kennedy […]

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