Business Coaching – Gold


Business Coaching – Gold


This year-long plan is for the business executive who wants to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

You will meet face to face to create your own emotional toughness plan with Dr. Gregg, and then have weekly email discussions, bi-weekly phone calls, and two other face to face meetings throughout the year to accelerate your progress.

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Product Description

This plan is for the business executive who wants to have business leadership coaching, or business development coaching and gain a competitive business advantage over the competition.

This business coaching program includes:

  • Initial face to face meeting in which we create and set up an individualized mental toughness plan.
  • Two subsequent face to face meetings in which we discuss progress of mental toughness plan
  • Weekly E-mails to discuss topics in the business coaching services with you
  • Bi-weekly Phone calls to accelerate your results in the executive business coach program

Dr. Gregg has been a business success coach to many Fortune 500 CEO’s, Financial Advisors and Business Executives. If you want small business coaching or business coaching, this is the program for you.

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