Dr. Gregg’s Keynote was the perfect close to our conference!

- Wayne Hampton, Chair SOACE Conference, Disney Worldwide Inc

World-renowned Expert on Peak Performance

Your keynote presentation hit a home run here at Hughes – it really made a lasting impact on our team.

- Arunas Slekys, V.P. Hughes International


Gregg, based on the feedback I’ve received, you were a huge hit!

- Bill Nicholson, Director, Capital Investment Companies

Performance Secrets of Top Athletes

Trenton Hassell

Dr. Steinberg has greatly improved my thinking. He has given me the competitive edge I needed.

- Trenton Hassell, voted best player on Chicago Bulls, 2002

Live and Work in your Sweet Spot

Gregg, I want to thank you for this program. It has been a huge success! We look forward to working together again!

- A. Rasheed Haneef, Global FA Training Group, Bank of America

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