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Full Throttle - $22.00

122 Strategies to supercharge your performance at work. Read More ...

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Mental Rules For Golf from $15.00

61 strategies of how the world's greatest golfers play their best under pressure.
Endorsed by Hank Haney (Tiger's coach) as well as many others. Read More ...

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Flying Lessons - $15.00

122 Strategies to Equip Your Child to Soar into Life with Confidence
and Competence. Read More ...


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Be Money On The Green (DVD) - $17.00

Be Money on the Greens DVD helps you putt your best under pressure by showing you the ATM system of putting. A = Attune yourself to the green. We need to know where to position our dominant eye to see the line better and be more confident. Read More ...

Audio CDs

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ATM System For Putting - $9.95

The "ATM System For Putting" audio CD will help you to develop a routine that promotes greater feel, rhythm and a reactive mind-all leading to making more putts under pressure.

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Capture The Heart of a Champion - $9.95

The "Capture The Heart of a Champion" audio CD will show you how to develop emotional toughness under pressure so that you can effectively handle stress, overcome adversity and be happier in your life.


Full Throttle - $9.95

The "Full Throttle" audio CD will help you discover your inner Tiger (Woods).

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Master The Mental Game - $9.95

The "Master The Mental Game" audio CD teaches you how to think like a champion on the golf course and play your best under pressure.

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Tiger Toughness - $9.95

The "Tiger Toughness" audio CD will show you how Tiger Woods remains calm under intense pressure by employing the secrets of self-hypnosis.


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