Full Throttle Book

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“Mastering our emotions is the X-factor to success”, writes personal development expert and corporate speaker on personal success Gregg Steinberg, in his insightful and empowering book Full Throttle: 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work. Many amazing stories of people who have emotional toughness and many applied exercises

Mental Rules for Golf

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61 strategies of how the world’s greatest golfers play their best under pressure.
Endorsed by Hank Haney (Tiger’s coach) as well as many others. Hardcover. Signed copy.

Flying Lessons

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Teaches parents how to enhance their child’s mental and emotional toughness using targeted activities. Great stories for children and parents that show you how to get more emotionally tough for life Hardcover. Signed copy.

Be Money On The Green

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Be Money on the Greens DVD helps you putt your best under pressure by showing you the ATM system of putting. A = Attune yourself to the green. We need to know where to position our dominant eye to see the line better and be more confident. T = Trigger. We need to have a trigger so we do not over think but rather react to the shot. M = Makes no difference. When we think of outcome, we get nervous. We must be in the process or the feel zone. Be Money on the Greens DVD will help you: 1) Trust your stroke 2) Be reactive 3) See the line better 4) Make more putts under pressure! This DVD is Dr. Steinberg’s seminar that he gives all over the country to golfers

ATM System For Putting

ATM System For Putting CD

The “ATM System For Putting” audio CD will help you to develop a routine that promotes greater feel, rhythm and a reactive mind-all leading to making more putts under pressure.

Capture The Heart of a Champion

Capture The Heart of a Champion

The “Capture The Heart of a Champion” audio CD will show you how to develop emotional toughness under pressure so that you can effectively handle stress, overcome adversity and be happier in your life.

Full Throttle Audio CD

Full Throttle Audio CD

The “Full Throttle” audio CD will help you discover your inner Tiger (Woods)

Master The Mental Game

Master The Mental Game

The “Master The Mental Game” audio CD teaches you how to think like a champion on the golf course and play your best under pressure.

Tiger Toughness

Tiger Toughness

The “Tiger Toughness” audio CD will show you how Tiger Woods remains calm under intense pressure by employing the secrets of self-hypnosis.

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